Sunday, June 5, 2022 07:00 o'clock


The ninth edition of the Ludogorski Marathon

The event is open to runners, cyclists and triathlonе competitors (swimming + cycling + running).


Route and Check Points:

The route runs through Pchelina, situated about 8 kilometers to the south of Razgrad, as well as the neighboring forests and fields. Almost the whole route is in the forest, along dirt paths and unpaved roads, only a small portion is on pavement or asphalt.

Pchelina and the neighboring land encompass about 70 square kilometers made up mainly by forests. Nature here has been conserved, while at the same time there are walking paths and access roads. The area has been studied, mapped and has marked sights of interest. In the forest you can see wild animals – mostly deer, rabbits, and more rarely wild boar. Pchelina is a part of a protected area, "Ostrovche" BG0000173. The terrain is diverse, the sights are beautiful and are a great illustration of ‘Ludogorie’ (Wild Forests).

Here you can find information on how to reach the start / finish area

The competition offers the following categories:

  • 35 km running;
  • 21 km running;
  • 13 km running;
  • 42 km cycling
  • Individual triathlone (1.2 km swimming, 44 km cycling and 13 km running);
  • Team triathlone (a competitor can choose between swimming,cycling and running in a chosen combination) ;
  • 2 km kids’ run.

The route is mostly in the shade of a forest. In the second part of the 42km route there are more difficult paths for the cyclists. You can see more about the routs here.

Runners and cyclists will start from a big meadow near the asphalt road in Pchelina, just after you pass the two lakes as you come from Razgrad. The coordinates of the Start/Final are 43°28'34.19"N 26°28'3.12"E. The triathletes start swimming from the beach of Pchelina Lake - 2 with coordinates 43°29'27.14"N 26°28'13.48"E. After the completion of the swimming stage, they continue cycling along the paths along the lakes, pass through the start / finish meadow and continue along the route. The cycling stage ends on the start / finish lawn and continues with running, which again ends on the start / finish meadow.


You can see the schedule and the start times here.

Control and Aid stations are spaced about 5 kilometers apart from each other. At the Start/Final there will be a trade booth with food, drinks and toilets.

Water, fruit, basic medical supplies and plastic bags for trash will be provided at  the Control and Aid stations and the Start/Final. Bibs of the competitors will be recorded at control and Aid stations. Trash disposal is only allowed at or within 50 m of the Control and Aid Stations.

You can find the schedule of the event here.

Registration and fees:

Registration for the competition starts on Sep 1, 2021 

The fee includes:

  • a gift from the event;
  • fruit and water at the Start/Final and at the Control and refreshment stalls;
  • time measuring and final placing;
  • prizes and raffle;
  • a medal;
  • health care at the Start/Final.


  • Prizes will be given for the first three positions in each category;
  • Prizes will be given in a raffle among those who have finished.

Additional program:

  • live music and a host during the competition;
  • games at the meadow where you can play basketball, football etc.;
  • guarded beach at Pchelina-2 Lake that is about 2 kilometers from the Start/Final


  •  Free tent camp in the area of Start/Final from Friday (4 June);
  • Hotel accommodation in the area or in the city. We can help you with reservations.

Razgrad Municipality, Inoxsys, Kaolin, Agrohimconsult 3, Dolphin Swimming Pool, Yako, Leya, Hrus-Hrus, Gold Nutriton, Djipo Djipov, Ivo Dimitrov

Photo: Liubomir Kotsev
Photo: Kremena Dimitrova
Photo: Taner Tuschev