Sunday, June 5, 2022 07:00 o'clock


The competition offers the following categories:

  • 1.2 km swimming (only team, as a part of the Triathlon);
  • 42 km running;
  • 21 km running;
  • 8 km running;
  • 42 km cycling;
  • Triathlon- 1.2 km swimming+ 44 km cycling and 8.2 km running;
  • 2 km kids’ run.

The swimming competition ( the first part of the triathlon) will be held at Pchelina-2 lake, the rest of the disciplines will start at the big meadow near the paved road in Pchelina.

Trash disposal is only allowed at or within 50 m of the Control and Aid Stations. It is necessary for the competitors to bring a water tank or container. 

Time limits are:

  • Swimming 1.2 km – 1 hour (teams only as part of the Triathlon);
  • 42 km running – 6:00 hours;
  • 21 km running – 4:00 hours;
  • 8 km running - 2:00 hours.
  • 42 km cycling – 5:00 hours;
  • Triathlon (1.2+44+8.2 km) – 8:00 hours.

Enrollment and Payment

Fees and the periods could be seen here

There is no fee for 2 km kids run

Each participant under the age of 18 must submit a declaration of consent to participate in the event, signed by a parent / guardian. You can download the declaration from this link

Persons under the age limit can also register for participation in the competition, but only as accompanied by a parent or a coach authorized by the parents. In this case, the parent or authorized coach signs a special declaration upon receipt of the start numbers. You can download the declaration here.

Accompanied and escorted move together. The fee for an accompanying competitor is 50% of the standard fee. The attendant pays a full fee. To register an accompanying competitor, check "Add accompanied competitor" during registration. Finishing time is the time of only one participant.

Registered users in the system who have paid their fee can cancel their participation and request part of their fee back by a certain date. Periods and percentages are listed on the registration page. Registered users can change their distance and discipline until a certain date for an additional fee.

The fee includes:

  • gift in the start pack;
  • fruit and water at the start / finish and Aid stations;
  • timing and ranking;
  • participation in awards and raffle;
  • medal;
  • medical assistance at the start / finish.

The fee can be paid at the EasyPay cash desk or electronically through the ePay and PayPal platforms. The PayPal platform allows direct credit card payments.

We recommend that you make the payment immediately after registration. If you postpone payment, use the link we email you after registration. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder, and if you do not find an email there, notify us on our email, which you can access at the bottom left of each page.

When paying the fee, the "Promo Code" field is optional and is intended to be used only if you have a discount voucher. To pay electronically through the PayPal system, select the "PayPal" radio button and click "Pay" If you select the “ePay / EasyPay” radio button, then after pressing the “Pay” button you will be able to choose whether to pay electronically in the ePay system, at the EasyPay cash desk or through an ATM.

To pay at the checkout you need a payment code that will be generated on the page. Write down this code and pay at the cash desk convenient for you, no later than the payment deadline indicated on the page.

To pay via ATM you need a merchant code and a payment code that are generated on the page. After you make the payment, the system will automatically confirm your registration, and in the list of participants in the last column of the line with your data will be written "YES" for "Paid fee".

During the registration you can order a T-shirt with the stamp "Green Foot", which is paid extra. The price of the T-shirt is promotional when ordered together with participation in the competition.

It is recommended to take out insurance and perform a pre-race examination (including heart rate and blood pressure measurement) no earlier than 3 days before the race.




Photo: Liubomir Kotsev
Photo: Taner Tuschev
Photo: Petya Radkova