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Terms and Conditions

I I declare that:

  1. The information given by me in the register form is truthful.
  2. I am 10 y.o. or older on the day of the competition.
  3. If on the day of the competition I am not 18 years old, I will take part in the competition only if I present written parental or coach’s consent.
  4. I participate in the competition and I am aware of all the risks for my health and life;
  5. I am physically prepared and mentally healthy.
  6. I will cling to the marked route without leaving it; I will let the organizers and/ or the people at the check-points know if I won’t be able to come to the final.
  7. I and/ or my parents or guardians/ heirs, will not take the organizers to task on occasion that some traumas and damages of any kind occur during or after the competition.
  8. In a case of need of medical help I, my parents, guardians/ heirs will pay for it and will not want remuneration of our expenses from the organizers or the sponsors of the competition.
  9. Disposal of trash is only allowed at or within 50 m of the control and refreshment stalls.
  10. I won’t take any forbidden stimulating substances and I won’t use wheel drive that is not allowed in the sport.
  11. I have read and I am aware of the information in the Declaration. With a tick I show that I agree with the rules for participation.

II I give my consent :

  1. To get health care if needed during the competition.
  2. To be recorded (photo and video) during the competition and these materials to be published and used for purposes of advertising.
  3. Not to be classed if I break the rules of the competition.
  4. The organizers can keep my personal information- name, date of birth, gender etc. needed for the registration.
  5. The organizers can publish information about my participation in the event.
  6. To receive information by the organizers via email.

* If on the day of the competition I am younger than 18 years old, I will take part only if I extend to the judge written parental or coach’s consent ;

III The organizer Club Green Foot does not bear responsibility for:

  1. Injuries, contusions, traumas, affections or death of competitors.
  2. The trustworthiness of the entered information by the users when registering.

IV Rules:

  1. The competitors must cling to the marked route.
  2. Each competitor must try to move and pass each other safely with the other competitors and people that are on the grass, on and around the route. Stick to the rule to move on the right.
  3. Only registered competitors are allowed to take part if they had paid the fee and had attached their start number.
  4. The cyclists must wear a helmet during the competition.
  5. The competitors must obey strictly the organizers’ instructions.
  6. The medical staff or the organizers can stop the participation of any competitor if his/ her physical or mental state is not proper for the following participation in the competition.
  7. The organizers have the right to change the place of the Start/Final and to make changes of the route if there is a valid reason for that and if they inform the competitors in due time.
  8. Fees will not be given back unless if the competition does not take place through the organizers’ fault.
  9. The organizers have the right to stop and/or set a new date for the competition if it is impossible to take place due to a natural disaster, strong thunderstorm, hurricane, act of terrorism, war, or another threat for the competitors’ health and life.
  10. All the competitors are obliged to be at the start point not later than one hour if they have not received their start numbers and not later than 30 minutes before the start, if they have already received them.
  11.  The organizers may ask all the competitors, during the receiving the numbers period, to sign a typed on paper by the organizers declaration, consisting of the following text.

V Recommendations:

  1. It is recommended to have a medical check-up not earlier than 3 days before the competition;
  2. It’s recommended to have an insurance;
  3. It is recommended to bring a well charged mobile phone. Don’t forget that in some places there is not coverage;
  4. Let's keep nature clean! Bring a reusable water container;
  5. No matter that the route is mainly in the forest, we recommend wearing a cap or buff to protect you from the sun.
  6. Although the route is mostly in the forest, we recommend that runners wear a cloth or hat against the sun;

       7. Participants who are allergic to insect bites or other allergies that may occur in nature, carry an anti-allergic agent;

       8. If there is an attack from hornets or other insect venoms, the best strategy is to get out of the place and alert the organizers as quickly as possible;

articipants who are allergic to insect bites or other allergies that may occur in nature, carry an anti-allergic agent;

       9. When encountering wild animals, keep cool and have behavior that will not be considered threatening by the animal. Do not make abrupt movements and allow the animal to withdraw safely. Wild animals attack in very rare cases and only if they feel strongly threatened. If you are attacked by a wild boar, use the trees for cover or for climbing to a safe height. Report the organizers;

10. Do not wear headphones to hear all the noise and to be adequate in the forest;

11.  Participants are advised to watch out for falling trees, especially in high winds and rain. If you hear the noise of a falling tree or a branch, look up at where the danger comes from and if it comes to you and you cannot escape, use a shelter in the relief or at the base of a tree or rock;

12. If you meet hunters, let them know that a sporting event is taking place and alert the organizers. Do the same if you encounter group motors of cross-country or high-road vehicles and woodcutters;

13. If you feel tired when you arrive at a support point, you are advised not to rush to leave before you feel better. Share your feelings with the volunteers. They can help you;

14. If you need something (whatever it is) during your participation, you can ask other participants, organizers and volunteers if they can serve you.



Photo: Liubomir Kotsev
Photo: Taner Tuschev
Photo: Petya Radkova